How can we make HellFire better?

better chance of rare cards

Maybe there could be a better chanve of getting rarer cards from ally jewels instead of having to complete a whole area and a half before being able to summon rare cards?

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    Jamie ThainJamie Thain shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    ashleeashlee shared a merged idea: when am i going to get new cards?  ·   · 
    titanusmaximustitanusmaximus shared a merged idea: rare cards should able to be battle collected a  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Make uncommon or rare cards appear with fixed frequency rather than randomly  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: better chances for better cards  ·   · 
    Theresa 5Theresa 5 shared a merged idea: how about More Rare Cards  ·   · 
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      • Omega XOmega X commented  · 

        I think it is truly luck of the draw because i drew the showcase card in two of the most recent events(cupid and the frog prince) and both are ultra rare. I was lvl 62 when i completed the master dungeon, and my deck, save for chocolate nymph, is full of ultra rares and super rares. The amount of money ive paid is $0.00. I am considering paying money in the future because i do enjoy the game. Luck of the draw is all i can say.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Looks like they changed it I got like 8 sr in one summon today very nice verry nice and I onley spent like 10 buck through out the hole game and my rank is 80 love it and enough pray to feed them my deck is nice now

      • RynRyn commented  · 

        During the last event I got around a thousand silvers and I'd wager somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred rates from them. The actual game played from beginning to end, what about 20 rares? The idea that people level 300 go back to the first worlds to farm is preposterous. A lot of rares are only good for food anyways, why not let the salamanders Buncles and the like be catchable in the levels that you couldn't possibly get to using salamanders and Buncles. There's no reason not to. And many great reasons to.

      • All TruthsAll Truths commented  · 

        Im in favor of this idea. I have played almost a year now(so lots and lots and lots of summon attempts), and during that time summoning with regular Ally Summon crystals Ive only ever got rare:
        Sea Lord Galatea

        and that was only recently, and only during Raid Boss events, oddly enough (almost like they acted like bronze medals......)

        However the Ally Crystal summon needs to be modernized. the game has some age to it now, and the idea for these Ally Crystals when the game was first released no longer matches whats here now. No one needs or wants the ****** 1 star summons you get from this, and due to the small small amount you get, they dont even really help you while trying to level up.

        Sure we get "something" but Its like a grocery store telling me I can save 25c on my $50 purchase. Ya i save 25c, but at that point I could care less.

        The system needs to be modernized into something like Ally crystals giving 50% chance of 2 star, 30% chance 1 star, 20% rare.
        And the Magic Crystals being 80% chance rare, and 20% chance super rare.

        As it sits right now, the game isnt self-sustaining. The best you can ever hope for is Rare cards x4 into a Super rare. Then you have to farm the **** out of Eberdawn to level these cards up. And when you finally do get your lv65 super rare cards set, you'll eventally come to a World in the game that you just flat out wont have the firepower to beat; like just period you'll die.

        So you are at that point basically prevent from playing the game(advancing in stages) without paying money to buy the Super-rares, and that changes everything, and is way beyond the scope of "oh its free what do you expect."

        Free games with Payable content are generally in place to help you advance faster, or to gain exposure to something unique(theres hundreds of examples on the PlayStore). Not a requirement to proceed in the game. When that happens everything changes.

      • PotatosFtitasPotatosFtitas commented  · 

        Do you really think that will changes anything?
        The facebookpage has 60.000 likes.
        A better capture rate has about 3.000 votes. The max vote is 3. That means about 100 people want a better capture rate.
        Hellfire is not interested in 100 players of 60.000.
        They will never change the capture rate.
        **** HellFire

      • James LinnJames Linn commented  · 

        I am all for this, seems to me that this is something that would not kill the devs to do. While I understand there is a business aspect to consider if you lose your fanbase what is the point.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        it's becoming ****** to play this game I'm not getting any good cards anymore

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        forget it people you won't get anz good cards, because once you will be fed up enough to buy mobacoins. This is how they think. You want a decent deck? Spend 50 bucks. Then another 50 when you realize your deck is only good until the first event. Then another 50. If you just join to the game. Better to spend a G immediately to get a good enough deck...

      • LorenzoLorenzo commented  · 

        I'm lvl 107 and haven't gotten anything good for ages. My whole deck is fully evolved 3 stars all lvl 65 and I'm my getting Anything stronger. There is no point in even playing the campaign because you just get less and less cards. And the gold summons are **** I managed to get 10 and I got 1 Rare an arborbuncle!! Please increase the super rare rate I need more to progress with the game

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hey guys,
        Im new at game but its alot of fun. Question thou how do I get like ultra rare cards? I have alot of super rare stuff but now I want ultra rare stuff to boost my deck.

        If you can please help

      • Jophiel Mayumi LuceroJophiel Mayumi Lucero commented  · 

        I am about lvl 65 and my sister got a 4-star Card (Kullulu) from Magic Summon only while she is still lvl 27!!! She also got another one through the event wherein new comers play and when they reach a certain total, the award is a FB Medal which costs a summon with 5 cards plus 1 rare and above guaranteed. She summoned and got SIGURD in the end.

        Can I please know who MuseUnearthed is? But anyway you have been a big help to me in HELLFIRE.

        Hellfire Admins, whoever you are, please install a trading icon for Hellfire. It is because of my sister like some of my creatures and like some of hers.

      • Mary J JacksonMary J Jackson commented  · 

        i think you should atleast make it to where when you are doing events make the silvers likely for rares and golds even more likely i have played this game for a very long time and it is becomeing outragous i have played this game longer than my brother inlaw and he has cards i should have gotten from loads of events. sort it or something please and thank you.

      • JamesJames commented  · 

        I'm just so bored playing this all I can do is to farm and farm and farm I'm over it not worth my time any more about to delete it if something don't change soon

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        At level 120 I have only gotten 3 rares from ally jewels with most coming from events. I would like to see where drop rates increased for both rares and super rares as you increase in level. It would give me more incentive to continue to play. With all of my deck cards at level 65 it's difficult to stay interested in the game outside of events

      • ShinomitsuShinomitsu commented  · 

        My rank is in the 90s and my deck creatures are all in the high 30s... I have yet to see a rare from an Ally Jewel.

        What's most frustrating is when you are getting all uncommons from Gold medals in the events. Why even bother going for golds when silvers are easier to get and seem only slightly less likely to give you rares.

      • ZeekdogZeekdog commented  · 

        I agree. I think that maybe with the completion of the map, you could obtain a rare card, or have a shot at the boss.
        I'm lvl 37 and have almost only 4* cards in my deck all at lvl 30 or higher. The only way I got this was from this past Mage war event. I was able to pull rare cards ( 2 4 star cards from gold ) from the event summons. I probably had 1000 cards rewarded to me which I was able to pull afew good cards out of.

        Now with all this said, events have totally transformed my deck into something actually good. Before I was a complete noob with maybe 4 or 5 rare ( 1st evolution state with slightly better stats) cards to my name. Normal gameplay is too hard and unrewarding to provide motivation to leveling up your cards. Something should be implemented into standard gameplay so that I don't just have events to look forward to.

      • HelenMagnusHelenMagnus commented  · 

        I have never gained a rare from ally jewels and I have gone through hundreds of summons.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Quit complaining, I'm lvl38 and I got rare from ally jewel and a rare from the sliver medal of snow queen... as well as couple rares and a 4star from magic jewel... its just luck of the draw...and stop being babies about not getting good cards

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Need more ways to get rare cards.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The 3-4 star card drop rates for ally summons should be very low...otherwise everyone would have super/ultra rare decks in no time. I feel very fortunate with ally summons....I've pulled 4-5 rares with ally jewels in 120 levels of playing.

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